Patient Information

If you have any life-threatening condition please call an ambulance on 000.

New Patients

New patients are  requested, on behalf of their doctor, to fill out the new patient registration form available at the reception desk before their first appointment. Your doctor requires you to book a longer appointment if you have multiple medical issues.

Urgent Appointments

Provision for urgent appointments is certain. If you need urgent assistance, please speak with our reception staff.


If you are unable to keep your appointment, you doctor requires notice as soon as possible so they can offer the appointment to another patient. Non attendance may incur a small fee.


All results, including radiology and pathology, can be discussed by making an appointment with your doctor. Reception staff are not able to discuss results.


Barossa Valley Medical & Specialist Centre supports doctors who are committed to preventative care. This is why we provide consulting doctors with access to a patient reminder system. If you consent to be included in this reminder system, you will receive text messages to your mobile or letters. If you do not wish to be notified, please speak with reception or your doctor.

Fees and Accounts

Your doctor will require you to pay the full fee on the day of your consultation.

Interpreter Services

If you or family members require an interpreter service, please advise reception when you make your appointment. 

Code of Ethics

The Australian Medical Association promotes a body of ethical principles to guide Doctors’ conduct in their interactions with patients, colleagues and society. Your doctor has a responsibility to improve and maintain the health of their patients, who are either in a vulnerable state of illness or for the maintenance of their health, and they are prohibited from behaving in their own self-interest. Ingle Farm Medical Centre abides by this code of ethics.


Our practice is committed to preventative care and we take part in several reminder services. Please let us know if you do not wish to participate in this service.

Our practice has a recall system that enables us to send reminders for scheduled preventative care – like immunisations and health checks.

We also use this system to encourage patients to book a follow up appointment to discuss important results with their doctor.

Prescriptions, Referrals, Emails and Certificates

Your doctor is unable to issue you with a prescription or ongoing referral to a specialist without a prior appointment. Emails are not monitored by reception and are not the preferred method of communication with the practice or your doctor. Book an appointment with your doctor by calling reception or booking online.


The doctors consulting at Barossa Valley Medical & Specialist Centre generally offer standard consultations. Your doctor will provide a priority appointment in situations of a medical emergency. Your doctor requires you to book a longer appointment if you have more than one medical problem.  

If you or a family member are experiencing any chest pain or discomfort, please present to the nearest Emergency Department or call 000 for an ambulance.

Telephone Calls to Doctors

You can make an appointment to see your doctor by calling reception or booking online.

Test Results

For medico–legal reasons, all results can be discussed by making an appointment with your GP. Reception staff are not able to discuss results.

Make An Enquiry

If you have a question, want some more information or would just like to speak to someone, call reception on:


Your doctor strives to provide excellent medical care. If you would like to make a complaint, please you can contact the Practice Manager ( or your doctor.

In the case of a serious complaint, please contact the health complaints commissioner on 1800 232 007.

Suggestions & Surveys

Your doctor does their best to provide safe and quality medical care and endeavour to improve it. Barossa Valley Medical & Specialist Centre and your doctor welcome all suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to provide your feedback to reception, the practice manager, your doctor or complete the online survey.

Accreditation by AGPAL/RACGP Guidelines

Barossa Valley Medical & Specialist Centre is  accredited by the AGPAL with current guidelines from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP). AGPAL accreditation is a broad and rigorous review of the practice.